Shrimp Properties

Omega 3

Omega-3 fatty acids are a key ingredient for normal and normal human growth. The lack or absence of omega-3 fatty acids in the diet seems to be a significant contributor to many diseases. Because the human body is not able to make omega-3 fatty acids, we must get these fatty acids through the diet. Omega-3


Most people eat enough protein and do not have protein deficiency, but some people need to absorb more protein than others.
Several studies have shown that following a protein-rich diet program has many benefits for weight loss and metabolic health.


P is a chemical element and is classified as a mineral in the classification of nutrients. Inorganic phosphorus is an important ingredient in all of the world’s most well-known minerals and organics, which plays an essential role in the production of DNA and RNA.


Calcium is the most abundant minerals in the body. Our body has about 1 kg of calcium. Of course, in different people with different skew, this is certainly the difference. Most calcium is present in the bones and teeth, and only 1% of it is present in the rest of the body, which makes 1% of the work done, for example, the contraction of all of our muscles depends on the presence of calcium.


Sulfur is one of the chemical elements of the periodic table whose symbol is S and its atomic number is 16. Sulfur is a non-fossil, non-volatile, multi-capacity, most known in the form of yellow crystals that are found in sulfide and sulfate minerals. Sulfur is a vital ingredient for all living organisms that is needed for amino acids and proteins. It is used primarily in fertilizers, but is used extensively in gunpowder, laxatives, matches and insecticides.

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Sulfur is one of the chemical elements of the periodic table whose symbol is S and its atomic number is 16. Sulfur is a non-fossil, non-volatile, multi-capacity, most known in the form of yellow crystals that are found in sulfide …

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Iron Stones

Iron ore is one of the most abundant metallic elements in the earth. Its oxide is about 5% of the Earth’s crust. Common iron ore minerals are hematite (Fe2O3) with 70% iron and magnetite (Fe3O4), which has 72% iron. The …

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The pellets

Iron ore with a mesh of 325 mesh (45 microns) along with water and additives such as calcium hydroxide or lime milk, lime, bentonite, and various organic and inorganic adhesives (starch, cement …) are mixed with and rotated by the …

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Iron Concentrate

Iron Concentrate: The raw material is for the production of iron ore. Iron ore turns into concentrate, then the pellet turns into steel

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Chicken feed

150 kcal energy Protein 19 g Carbohydrate 4 g Total fat 8 grams Vitamin A 100 international units Folate is 86 milligrams Choline 13 milligrams Calcium 88 mg P 83 milligrams Omega-3 fatty acid 87mg Omega-6 fatty acid 2571 mg …

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Banana shrimp

Specifications: The body length of the white shrimp reaches a maximum of 240 mm in the female body. The adult shrimp feeds zooplankton, water larvae, larvae, mollusks, worms and other shrimp. In the first 15 months of life, shrimp breeds …

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Marigold Tiger

, Omega-3, protein, and phosphorus. Tiger shrimp is useful for preventing all types of cancer, anti-hypertension, anti-Alzheimer’s, anti-anemia and low cholesterol levels. Tiger prawns average 40/40 (Persian Gulf and Oman Sea) In a kilogram of tiger shrimp there is an …

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Sunny Raisins

For this kind of raisin, a picnic is used for this purpose. After that, the grapes are planted in a sharp solution of water and then exposed to direct sunlight. Sunflower raisin refers to ripe fruit. Varieties of grapevine are …

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Yellow Raisins

The whole process of preparing this kind of raisin is like a green raisin which uses sulfur gas to produce smoked raisins. So that the powder poured the sulfur into a small tray and burn it. For the homogeneity of …

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Green Raisins

Cold emulsion is used to prepare green raisins. Which is a mixture of certain percentages of potassium carbonate and raisin (Australian oil). Add 1 liter of oil to 2.5 liters of potassium carbonate in 100 liters of water. After graying, …

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Raspberry Pistachio

The coarse and hollow fruit, which depends on the food that it is used for, is good, but it is very sensitive to food shortages. The fruit is moderately clay and can be harvested in the second half of September. …

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Akbari Pistachio

Specifications of pistachio fruit of Akbari The tip of the skin is medium green and the skin is green when the fruit is red. The position of the fracture of the bony skin is equal in the abdomen and back, …

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Hazelnut Pistachio

Characteristics of Hazeland Pistachio Fruit The tip of the green fruit is very short, its skin color is green and at the time of the arrival of the dark purple and red fruits. The length of the dry pistachio is …

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Saffron Pushali

Compared to various types of saffron, such as Searl, this product has some yellowness, and more of this product is a red colored veil, and it only has about 2 to 3 mm of cream. Compared with the types of …

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Saffron Negin

When we look at the amount of cream of this saffron compared to ordinary saffron, we see that it has many similarities to it, but in terms of thickness, it is more subtle than ordinary safflower. Among the different types …

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Saffron Sargol

Saffron Sargol is the most common sample of saffron, and most customers often know this type of saffron. In this sample, there is no part of saffron yellowness or its root, and only the section of the saffron or its …

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Zahedi Date

Fruit shape: Oval Fruit Type: Dry Fruit color: Yellowish brown Usage Stage: Dates Time taken: September Storage Conditions: In a cool and dry place Specifications: This date is a late date and is roughly planted in almost all of the …

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Rabbi Date

Semi-dry Iranian dates are one of the most famous dates in Iran. These dates help to maintain the health of the nervous system and prevent and treat the anemia and high blood lipids. It is one of the high-quality cultivars, …

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About us


The International Trading Group of ISATIS (Menshadi Trading) commenced its business in 1979 with regard to the importer of spare parts for diesel engines and motors, mining and road machinery, as well as export of dried fruits and minerals and petrochemicals.

Company Activity

Currently, the major trading activities of this complex can be divided into two parts of import and export as follows:
1- Import of spare parts for light and heavy vehicles and construction, transport and mining machinery
2. Export of Iron Ore and Nuts (Pistachio – Date – Saffron)

Company goals

The company has now been able to become one of the specialized suppliers of spare parts for light and heavy machinery, transportation and mining machinery in Iran, based on its research and development capabilities and its human resources capabilities in Iran and China.

quality of products

Also in the export sector, we have been introduced as a reliable and successful exporter of limestone, pistachio, and potato exports to China, Germany, United Arab Emirates, and Lebanon.
ISATIS Diesel PARTY is committed to importing and exporting quality products and observing professional ethics and honesty with its business partners.
Sale is the quality of our business.

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