Green Raisins

Cold emulsion is used to prepare green raisins. Which is a mixture of certain percentages of potassium carbonate and raisin (Australian oil). Add 1 liter of oil to 2.5 liters of potassium carbonate in 100 liters of water. After graying, grapes are cleaned and immersed in the solution (20-30 seconds depending on the grape variety), and then hang them over the wires in the sanitary napkin to dry. In this way, green raisins are produced and, if you want, you can use sulfur gas to make smoked raisins. In this method, the powder poured the sulfur into a small tray and burn it. For the homogeneity of the sulfur distribution, valves are embedded in the storehouse, with the opening and closing of the flow of air inside the barrier.