Rabbi Date

Semi-dry Iranian dates are one of the most famous dates in Iran. These dates help to maintain the health of the nervous system and prevent and treat the anemia and high blood lipids.
It is one of the high-quality cultivars, which is typically dark brown with a black color, the color of the red turquoise is slightly green.
Rabbi dates have a thin skin, a color that is brighter than Mazafati dates, high juice, less moisture, small kernel, and the earliest date of the country.
The sweetness of these dates is to a lesser extent than the Mazafati dates, and it has a great taste and is more palatable than the dates of Mazafati before it becomes semi-dry.
Rabbi dates are very popular, so that the product is pre-sold before it’s produced. These dates are also used as industrial dates, and products such as date palms, date sugar, chocolate, lemonade, muffins and raw materials of some beverages are obtained, which, in addition to its high shelf life, transport it Easy and free of cold storage.


color : dark Red
Sistan and Baluchestan