Zahedi Date

Fruit shape: Oval
Fruit Type: Dry
Fruit color: Yellowish brown
Usage Stage: Dates
Time taken: September
Storage Conditions: In a cool and dry place
This date is a late date and is roughly planted in almost all of the province’s provinces and is from export dates.
The average weight of the fruit is 8 grams. Zahedi is a date that is almost multifaceted, rigid, shiny and wrinkled in terms of its appearance, which is sometimes squeezed entirely into meat and sometimes depending on climate conditions in terms of temperature and humidity of the environment as well as how the water content of the area is in I swear by the fruit, the skin of the fruit is separated from the meat. At the tip, the fruit is bright brown to dark red, and at the end it is peach color. The nucleus in these cultivars is completely separated from flesh.


color : Yellowish brown