steel sheet

Stainless steel sheet is a sheet of steel metal sections that is produced in the form of rectangular or square parts and in different dimensions. Iron, chromium and nickel are the most important constituents of steel sheet, and the ratio of the amount of material makes each percentage of the alloy have a specific application.
The most important features of steel sheet are polished and smooth surface, anti-corrosion and glossy appearance, which is widely used in various industries such as food, oil, gas and petrochemical, automotive, aircraft, pharmaceutical, laboratory equipment due to its resistance to corrosion. and have. Stainless steel sheets, like steel rebars, are classified into two general categories, catch and non-catch, which is also due to whether or not it is absorbed by the magnet.
304 steel sheet is a widely used steel in various industries and is also known as 304 stainless steel sheet due to its lack of non-magnetic properties. This sheet is composed of 17-19% chromium and 8-10% nickel and is resistant to corrosion and has a high forming and welding capability due to the small percentage of carbon. Polished and smooth surface, stainlessness and glossy appearance are the most important features of 304 steel sheet, which due to corrosion resistance in industries such as food, textile, automotive, oil, gas and petrochemical, aircraft, pharmaceutical, laboratory equipment and… applications It has a wide range.

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Application of steel electrode
Electrodes are widely used tools in the welding industry. Electrodes are produced in different sizes and alloys, each of which is used for a specific alloy.

The electrode is generally composed of two main parts, wire and coating. The middle wire is usually made of different metals such as steel, nickel, aluminum, etc., and the material around it is usually lime, cellulose, sodium oxide, clay and Or asbestos.

Electrode flux coating helps to stabilize the electric arc in the welding process. It is also used as an insulation to create a protective gas (Gaseous Shield) and the formation of floating slag (slag) on ​​the weld surface to increase the cooling time of the weld
Steel ball valve or valve wings is one of the most widely used parts in various industries today, which is a tool in the category of valves and its main task is to cut off and connect the flow of liquid or gas. The accuracy, efficiency and material of production of these valves are important

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