Center title State City Phone Address
Ardabil4 Ardabil Ardabil 04533350087 Ardabil Valiasr, Imam Khomeini St., Shohada Highway, ground floor
Bandar Abbas3 Hormozgan Bandar Abbas 09171588403 Shahid Rajaei Baghestan wharf road next to Hassanabad garage, ground floor of Saeed rubber shop
Tehran5 Tehran Tehran 09121438242 Qazvin Street, not far from the road next to Yalad Ghaem Passage, No. 1330
Tehran6 Tehran Tehran 09124331621 Azeri three roads between Saveh Bridge and Audrey Square after Tejarat Bank, No. 189
Hamedan2 Hamedan Hamedan 09125664753 Hamedan Razan, Shohada Square, next to Vakili Carpet Rubber Municipality
Kermanshah1 Kermanshah Kermanshah  09183567689 Kermanshah Mohsen Hassanpour Shahlaei Dieselabad Exhibitors Street next to Pars Garage Yaghoub Store (Mohsen Hassanpour Shahlaei)
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Light and heavy car tires


How to steer, steer, accelerate and brake the car optimally depends on the road surface and tire tread. When the car speed is low and the load is low and the road surface is normal, the tire quality is not very noticeable, but at high speeds and high loads and on the road. Low friction, for example, frozen and slippery. Reliable control and guidance of the car depends on good tires. Absorb like a spring

2 forces applied to the car tire
A. The tensile force applied to the tire, which is applied to the road surface when accelerated by the tire and causes the frictional force of the road to be eliminated.
B Compressive force on the tire:
This force is applied to the tire which has a negative force or the opposite force of the body movement of this force when braking from the side of the road and the chassis and puts pressure on it.
C lateral force on the tire:
It is the force that is caused by adhesion when twisting in the tire and the reaction is the lateral force to the center. The lateral force tends to deflect the car body out of the turn. Prevent the wheels from slipping transversely to the floor when the tire lacks edging. It has less adhesion force against various forces such as acceleration, braking, lateral forces, etc., so slipping occurs when the tire slips. Create effective tensile force is reduced. Useful and effective power is lost in the wheels. Tires and wheels are a set, the failure of each of which affects how to use it properly.

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