Akbari Pistachio

Specifications of pistachio fruit of Akbari
The tip of the skin is medium green and the skin is green when the fruit is red. The position of the fracture of the bony skin is equal in the abdomen and back, and the pistachio shape is rectangular. The color of the brown purple brown and the skin of the bony skin is dark; the brown color of the brown purple and the color of the light yellow brain and the fruit of the tip begin. The dry pistachio length is 12.22 mm (high), the width of the dry pistachio is 61.12 mm (high).
Akbari pistachio specification
This type has a moderate growth and growth habit. The tree height reaches 3 meters on average
In this figure, the length of the leaf is 4.15 mm (average) and the width of the leaf is 4.4 mm (low). The size of the leaflet is larger than the lateral leaflets, and the broad leaves are the same in the form of the leaflet. The cluster of this kind of pistachio has an approximate weight of 51.6 g, dry pistachio weight of each cluster is 15.4 g. This variety has a large pistachios with an average of 20 (low).